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shinydarkness's Journal

5 January 1986
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I like watching anime and I have no shame in saying that I like watching shounen-ai type anime the most. That's what I like. As for music, I like listening to different types. My favorite band right is T.M.Revolution even though I have no idea what their saying. I don't speak japaness and that's what they are, a japaness group. I know, that sounds stupid but yeah, does it matter? Let's see, what else...um, I enjoy being on my computer and whenever I'm not on it, I'm playing RPG games. lol I blame the fact that I'm the only girl with 5 brothers, they got me into playing those games and I love them for it. I mostly like the Final Fantasy games, 7 beening my favorite game. Well, I can't think of anything else to write aka I'm lazy right now...so, I'll write some more later!